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Psychology professor and colleagues receive $2.5M NSF grant

Psychology professor Lisa Feldman Barrett and several other Northeastern faculty members received a $2,498,810 grant from the National Science Foundation.

The grant, which will span three years, is for the “Identification and Control of Uncertain, Highly Interdependent Processes Involving Humans with Applications to Resilient Emergency Health Response.”

Other Northeastern faculty members include College of Engineering professors Mario Sznaier, Octavia Camps, Ali Abur, Edmund Yeh, Jacqueline Griffin, and Jerome Hajjar, College of Computer and Information Science professor Stacy Marsella, and Kostas director Peter Boynton.

In part the grant’s abstract explains the project will “pioneer a new approach to enable communities to withstand and bounce back quickly from hazards. This will be accomplished through a new paradigm of proactive resiliency through “prediction, intervention and adaptation,” as opposed to the current reactive cycle of discovery, recovery and redesign.”

Read more about the grant here.

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