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Lecture Series, October 10-13, 2017

Speaker: Francois Charles (Universite’ Paris-Sud, Orsay)

Title: Algebraic cycles and Arakelov geometry


Tuesday, October 109-10:30am  Behrakis 204

Wednesday, October 115-6:30pm Cargill 097

Friday, October 1310-11:30am  Ryder 155

Arakelov geometry gives a way to work geometrically with schemes defined over the integers. We will discuss some applications of Arakelov geometry to some problems in algebraic cycles and periods, trying to emphasize how geometric ideas can be translated in the setting of arithmetic geometry.
The plan is:
Lecture 1: general setting of Arakelov geometry, relationship to geometry of numbers.
Lecture 2: application of arithmetic intersection theory to isogenies of elliptic curves.
Lecture 3: application to transcendance problems, theta-invariants.
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