Dr. Jared Auclair teaching a class at BATL

Dr. Auclair appointed academic director of Northeastern’s Biotech Programs

Dr. Jared Auclair has been appointed the Director of Northeastern University’s Biotechnology Professional Science Master’s and Biopharmaceutical Analytical Sciences Certificate Programs. He will assume his new role on July 15, 2016. Dr. Auclair earned his PhD at UMass Medical School working in the lab of Dr. Celia Schiffer. He also worked with Dr. Jeff Agar at Brandeis and here at Northeastern.

Dr. Jared Auclair

Dr. Jared Auclair

Dr. Auclair has been a significant contributor to the university’s educational mission teaching Protein Mass Spectrometry and establishing and operating Northeastern’s Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Laboratory (BATL) in Burlington, MA. In this latter role, Dr. Auclair has built training programs of relevance to the biopharmaceutical industry that have engaged many local, national, and international participants from the biotechnology industry. Under his leadership, BATL is becoming a premier training site for biotech personnel engaged in analysis of biotherapeutic agents.

Dr. Auclair’s enthusiasm and passion for curriculum building and delivery of quality courses, coupled with his myriad connections into the biopharmaceutical industry, position him well to drive the Biotechnology Professional Science Master’s (PSM) into the future. In addition to his new role, Dr. Auclair will continue to drive operations at BATL.

Dr. Auclair takes over from Dr. Steven Cohen, who has been directing the Biotechnology Programs since 2014 and will be retiring in July.