Steven Scyphers

Steven Scyphers


  • Coastal Development, Conservation, Fisheries, Social-Ecological Systems, Sustainability Science

About Steven Scyphers

Research in my lab focuses on understanding and enhancing the sustainability of coastal ecosystems and societies. We are particularly interested in tackling issues related to resource management, shoreline development, and urbanization. Most of our current projects involve: 1) coastlines as coupled coupled social-ecological systems, 2) participatory conservation and management of ecosystems, and 3) social outcomes of environmental management.

Embracing a social-ecological systems perspective, our research typically involves coupling social science survey or interview methodologies (e.g., stated preference surveys, choice experiments, fuzzy-logic cognitive mapping) with biophysical and ecological data, and increasingly geospatial analyses and scenario modeling. We routinely collaborate with diverse teams of natural and social scientists, engineers, practitioners, and stakeholders.


Mailing Address:

MSC (Marine Science Center), Nahant, MA 01908
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Social-Ecological Sustainability Lab
Marine and Environmental Sciences

The Scyphers Lab studies coastal development, fisheries management, and climate adaptation. From a social-ecological systems perspective, their interdisciplinary research is problem-and-solution focused and strives to develop strategies for sustaining both coastal ecosystems and societies.


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