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Meet new people, find a new hobby, and be a part of something on campus. Northeastern is home to almost 400 student organizations including everything from the arts to sports to student government. Learn more about the science and math based clubs on campus.

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Women’s Research Engagement Network (WREN)

The Women's Research Engagement Network at Northeastern University. 

Instagram: @northeastern.wren

Women in the Enterprise of Science and Technology (WEST)

WEST NEU is Northeastern’s chapter of WEST, or Women in the Enterprise of Science and Technology. WEST is an organization in the greater Boston area that is dedicated to expanding and enriching the careers of women in the fields of science, technology, and engineering. WEST NEU is an avenue for Northeastern students to connect with established members of the organization and other Boston-based students in STEM. WEST NEU offers monthly workshops and panels tailored to helping women develop as leaders in their fields.

Instagram: @westneu

United Against inequities in Disease (UAID)

UAID is an organization led by students for students and the communities in which they live. Our core values include focusing our efforts on local communities, conducting our work in collaboration with local partners, and leveraging the power of research and an interdisciplinary approach to public health to affect sustainable change. Through our work, we aim to both reduce health inequities in our communities today and also empower public health advocates of tomorrow.

Instagram: @nu.uaid

Space Investment Club

The club organizes events like research and co-op talks as well as pumpkin carvings and bowling nights. Students involved are able to interact with other students in the physics department and learn about different physics events happening on campus and throughout Boston.

Instagram: @nuspaceinvestment

SODA (student organ donation advocates)

The Student Organ Donation Advocates chapter at Northeastern University.

Instagram: @sodanortheastern

Science Book Club

The Science Book Club's purpose is to spark conversation amongst students by discussing and analyzing fun scientific novels. We will primarily read non-fiction books that have to do with the sciences. We will also have volunteering events and movie/ activity nights apart from reading discussions!

Instagram: @neusciencebookclub
Student Organization Spotlights
Northeastern University Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society

"Our purpose is to cultivate a close community where students who love chemistry can commune," says chemistry major Caroline Consoli. Here she shares her experience being a part of the Northeastern University Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society.

Student Organization Spotlights
The National Society of Black Women in Medicine
Student Organization Spotlights
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