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Physics at Northeastern invites you to join an exciting journey to explore, discover, and apply the fundamental principles that run the universe. Take a front-row seat as you visualize everything from the collisions of sub-atomic particles to the dance of the galaxies. Become a part of that unique community that discovers the fundamental fabric of nature, performs cutting-edge HIV and cancer research, addresses our global energy crisis, teaches how contagious diseases spread, and invents next-generation advanced technologies.

Two female students work on a physics lab. Other groups of students can be seen doing the same experiment in the background.

BS in Physics

As a physics major, students explore the fundamental physical principles that govern natural phenomena ranging in scale from collisions of subatomic particles, to atoms and molecules, to various condensed phases such as solids and liquids, to exploding stars and colliding galaxies.

A male student uses a micropipetter in experimentation in a lab. He stands near a lab bench filled with machines and computers. He is smiling.

BS in Biomedical Physics

As a biomedical physics major, students explore fundamental physical principles relevant for understanding biological phenomena on various scales as well as medical instrumentation and devices. This program takes advantage of the local Boston area medical research environment to offer a unique interdisciplinary learning experience and also offers the option of a pre-med track.

Optical Tweezers


Students enrolled in the BS/PhD program will meet all of the requirements for both the physics BS degree and the physics PhD. Undergraduate course sharing and the potential of co-ops connected to PhD research will allow students to complete the PhD earlier than a graduate student who enters our program after receiving a BS degree elsewhere.

Bryan Spring

BS in Applied Physics

The physics department also offers an undergraduate BS applied (interdisciplinary) physics program, a combined undergraduate/graduate level applied physics and engineering BS/MS program, and several undergraduate combined majors in collaboration with other departments. The list of current combined majors includes physics and chemical engineering, physics and computer science, physics and electrical engineering, physics and environmental geology, physics and mathematics, and physics and philosophy.

Combined Majors

Combined majors at Northeastern are unique, blended programs designed to allow you to explore multiple fields, all within one, integrated academic plan.


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