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Spotify wrapped: Data sharing feels so right

Oh, Spotify Wrapped.

If we didn’t love you so much, we might be sorta creeped out.

The popular music streaming platform digs around in our playlists, exposing the long hours we spent listening to true crime podcasts while unearthing sappy pop tunes played on repeat during a tough breakup.

While Congress and private users continue to rail against the deep data mining practices of tech companies such as Facebook and Google, Spotify hasn’t faced the same scrutiny.

For any customer that cares about data privacy, Spotify Wrapped serves as an unfortunate reminder that anytime you interact with an app like Spotify, you’re sharing data about your preferences that can be used to send you ads or for other purposes,” says Yakov Bart, who teaches marketing and business administration at Northeastern.

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Photo by Alyssa Stone/Northeastern University.

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