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Understanding the role of bacteria in lobster shell disease essential to lessen its impacts

Recent work out of the Bowen Lab and colleagues seeks to uncover the structure of the bacterial community responsible for causing lobster shell disease, which is starting to affect the Gulf of Maine lobster fishery.

Finding genome locations that matter is a huge challenge

Assistant Professor Katie Lotterhos, along with graduate students and colleagues, work to develop and evaluate ways of combining results from different approaches to genomic data analysis, which leads to improvements in performance.

Professor lives out rock star fantasy

John Coley, a psychology professor who moonlights as a bassist in a blues-rock band, reflects on the adrenaline rush of playing for a live audience. “After the show you feel so revved up,” he says. “You go home and you can’t fall asleep for hours.”
Yellow and red fireworks exploding in a dark sky

The science behind fireworks

What makes a firework…work? We asked Michael Pollastri, professor and chair of the chemistry department, what’s happening inside those Fourth of July favorites—and which color fireworks are particularly challenging to create.

Profs. Lisa Feldman Barrett and Derek Isaacowitz receive NIH grant

Congratulations to Profs. Lisa Feldman Barrett and Derek Isaacowitz who recently received a grant from the National Institutes of Health for their project, “Affect regulation and beta amyloid: Maturational factors in aging and age-related pathology.” The goal of the project is to assess how affect regulation strategies are protective of cognitive and affective functioning in […]