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Hazel Sive

Message from Dean Sive

Dear Northeastern University families, alumni and friends,

Do you know what a CO2 pipeline is? Me neither, until I heard an NPR item on the topic. The premise is that CO2 produced by human activities can be prevented from leaking into the atmosphere, through transport along pipelines to permanent underground storage facilities. The process is complex and questionably effective. The pipelines, like other types – oil or natural gas for example, can be dangerous and can rupture. There are ~5,000 miles of CO2 pipelines in the US presently, scheduled to increase more than ten-fold in the next few years, with pipes often traversing disadvantaged areas.

It’s quite extraordinary that such individually small humans have collectively wrought such vast damage onto a planet so much larger than any of us. Climate change, as we understand it, leading to disruption of habitats, species, cities and societies, results from an issue I sometimes forget, that of global warming. The point is that when sunlight hits earth, some of the sun’s energy is absorbed and some is released as heat (infrared) that travels back through the atmosphere into space. ‘Greenhouse gases’, in the atmosphere reflect this heat back to earth, so less is released to the atmosphere, and the earth warms. Excess CO2 is a problematic greenhouse gas but look at this TEDx talk about methane (with illustrations by my daughter!), that is 100 times more powerful than CO2 in preventing heat from leaving the atmosphere. If methane emissions were sharply curtailed, the rate of global warming could decline within 100 years, whereas reductions in CO2 levels would take 1,000 years to reverse global warming. Either way, other approaches to prevent and mitigate the damages of climate change must be taken.

Contributing solutions around climate change is deeply on the minds of our students and researchers. Many Northeastern University College of Science departments and members are addressing climate change through research and education. For example, investigators are examining genomic changes associated with altered species range through increasing temperature; preventing coastal erosion; assessing impact on coastal communities; devising ‘green energy’ and sustainable batteries; developing sustainable methods of chemical synthesis; understanding the plastics cycle; modeling effects of climate change; analyzing air and water quality; exploring mental health and the relationship to sustainability decisions. Northeastern University has a long-standing commitment to sustainability, and through our ongoing work by undergraduates, graduate students and faculty, the College of Science is making crucial cross-disciplinary, high impact contributions to addressing climate change.

Thank you, our wonderful alumni, families, and friends for supporting a landscape that allows students and faculty to tackle the huge challenges of society and our planet. My heartfelt gratitude for your connection with the Northeastern University College of Science.

Warm regards,

Hazel Sive PhD (she/hers)

Dean, College of Science

Science students gain entrepreneurship skills

Entrepreneurship may not be something many science students have in mind. The new Science Connects to Innovation program, supported by the generosity of a College of Science community member, aims to ignite a passion for entrepreneurship for our students and enhance leadership skills that are useful in all career paths. Read more >>

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STEM students accelerate their professional development

This fall the Northeastern Chapter of the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) attended the 2023 SASE National Conference. Through support from the College of Science Equity Program Fund, students who attended conference gained valuable insights on how to improve both their professional and interpersonal skills through workshops held by the CIA, Proctor and Gamble, Boeing, and the U.S. Department of State that taught like financial literacy, navigating conflict in the workplace, and creating a professional support network. Read more >>

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Teens don’t have to choose between learning and having a summer job, thanks to Northeastern program

This summer students in our Bridge to Calculus program — that empowers young people from underserved communities to succeed in advanced math classes — were paid to learn in Northeastern’s Summer Youth Employment Program, a partnership with Boston’s SuccessLinks Youth Jobs and Learn and Earn programs. Read more >>

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Spotlight: College of Science Co-op Support Fund

The purpose of the fund is to provide support for students within COS who are participating in what would otherwise be a nonpaying or low paying co-op position. The fund may be used to support expenses that include, but are not limited to, stipends, airfare and other transportation costs, housing, professional attire and/or other expenses directly related to the recipient’s participation in the co-op experience. We are excited that the fund will allow us to support students to explore co-op experiences they are interested in and help them overcome any challenges.

Halle Chernin at the Boston Beer Company on co-op
Explore a host of other funds and support a direct initiative in the College of Science.
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Global campuses celebrate Founders Day

Northeastern University celebrated its first 125 years and looked to its future at Founders Day celebrations across its global network. School spirit was in abundance with performances, events, games, AR displays that brought NU history to life, and even a replica of Punter’s Pub with the original bar, booths, and pool tables.

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Meet the 2023-2024 Advancing Women in Science Scholars!

Diana (she/her) | Biochemistry major, Italian minor
I’m a born and raised New Yorker from Queens and my family is originally from Chile. I’m super passionate about building community and providing access to resources so I love spending my time at the different cultural centers on campus like the Center for Intercultural Engagement (CIE) and Latinx Student Cultural Center (LSCC). Some hobbies I enjoy are going on walks and anything art related (as of recently pottery!). In the future, I intend to pursue a PhD in biological sciences and a research-related job.
Kiran| Marine biology major, data science minor
I am from Newton, MA. I’m passionate about marine conservation and hope to work for NOAA. I also love soccer and cooking!
Shayna, biochemistry major
My academic and personal journey is a reflection of my passion for veterinary medicine and a profound curiosity about our natural world. Currently, I am on co-op at Angell Animal Medical Center, where I serve as an assistant and surgery technician in their neurology department. The opportunity to contribute to the well-being of beloved animals is incredibly rewarding, and I am thrilled to be part of a community of scholarship recipients who share my commitment to making a positive impact on the world. In my free time, I love to go to the gym and try new restaurants and foods in Boston!
Aissata | Biology major
I am from Long Island, NY. I am currently on co-op working in a clinical research lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, doing research in circadian systems biology. I enjoy learning about the science behind how diseases and disorders manifest in the body and the various stages that go into treating them, both on the clinical side and the research side. I hope to pursue an MD/PhD and become a research physician.
Kokob | Behaviorial neuroscience major, computer science minor
I am from Maryland. My hobbies include fitness, trying out new foods, and traveling. I am on the PreMed track and I hope one day to become a doctor!
Chiara | Behavioral neuroscience major, data science minor
I enjoy hiking, reading, listening to music, and my goal before graduation is to travel to 20 new countries.

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The Northeastern College of Science is a hub of Research, Education, and Innovation. Our faculty are pushing research frontiers to solve our planet’s greatest challenges. Through innovative, research-linked, experiential learning, our students are empowered to be confident, entrepreneurial problem-solvers with flexible skills for a vast spectrum of careers. And we embrace a culture of respect, equity, and diversity—where each person feels valued for their contribution and is treated fairly.

  • Scholarships: The College of Science recruits exceptional students who reflect the diversity of society. Scholarships help us attract top students, and expand access to a Northeastern College of Science education through full and partial awards.
  • Support Experiential Learning: The College of Science is broadening access to and scope of work experience-based education at all levels. Support a co-op in research, medicine, and across a broad landscape of opportunities, or subsidize international co-ops. Help make these learning experiences a reality for our students!
  • INVEST in Faculty: The College seeks funding to recruit promising PhD candidates directly into tenure track positions, with extensive mentoring and research support. Through this innovative plan, the College will recruit a talented and diverse pool of faculty.
  • Graduate Fellowships: In the College’s new Connected Science PhD students understand how the PhD opens a vast array of top career options. Students carry out groundbreaking research, explore opportunities, for cross-disciplinary research, and connect with outside work experience that may set up their next steps. COS seeks fellowship funding to support the next generation of science trainees.
  • Undergraduate Research: COS is committed to providing all of its undergraduate students with a lab-based research opportunity during their time at Northeastern. Support for undergraduate research will promote the creation of additional opportunities for students to work alongside faculty and graduate student mentors, and gain valuable experience in traditional and emerging fields across the College.
  • Summer Research Program: The new College of Science Summer Research Program will bring outstanding undergraduate students to Northeastern, where they will benefit from our hallmark experiential education opportunities. Support will enable the College to place students in research positions and encourage their future training at Northeastern.
  • Entrepreneurship: The College of Science encourages a culture of entrepreneurship and translational innovation across faculty and students. Support helps the College establish an ecosystem with features such as venture bootcamps, grand challenge-focused hack-a-thons, and funding that promotes a startup culture.
  • Space of the Future: The College of Science must be at the forefront of providing advanced research space that promotes collaboration and cross-disciplinary research, as well as support platforms and technologies that accelerate the rate of discovery.
Northeastern University president guest lectures a psychology course

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