Change of Major

The Priority Deadline for Major Changes is March 23, 2018.
For students unable to meet this deadline, the final day to submit the major change form is the last day of finals for the semester.

Deadlines and effective terms:

Change of Major Priority Date
October 26, 2018

Change of Major Final Deadline
Last Day of Fall Finals

Effective Term
Spring Semester

Change of Major Priority Date
March 22, 2019

Change of Major Final Deadline
Last Day of Spring Finals

Effective Term
Summer 1 Term

Change of Major Priority Date
June 28, 2019

Change of Major Final Deadline
Last Day of Summer 2 Finals

Effective Term
Fall Semester

Current undergraduate students who wish to transfer to a science major should complete and submit the petition. If the major change process is completed before the priority deadline, we will review student requests in the week following the deadline. Completing the form by the priority deadline ensures that student’s requests will be reviewed before registration begins. If accepted, students will be able to register for their new major classes without needing a major restriction override. If the process is completed after the priority deadline, we will review the student request at the end of the semester.

Students will be notified of one of three statuses.

Petition Approved: Students who meet all the entrance criteria listed below for their major will have a major change processed and will be notified via email. The major change will be effective for the following semester (see the chart above)

Petition Delayed: Petitions from students who are currently enrolled in courses required for their major change (listed below) will be held until final grades post for the semester in which they have applied. If the student meets all criteria after final grades, the major change will be process and students will be notified by email. The major change will be effective for the following semester (see above chart).

Petition Denied: Petitions from students who have not met either the GPA or course requirements will be denied. Students will be notified by email. Students should work with their current college advisor to develop a plan to meet requirements in the future. Students are welcome to re-petition once they have met the major change requirements.

We strongly recommend that you start the process by meeting with a faculty advisor in your intended new major to discuss your professional goals and educational interests to ensure that your intended new major is the right fit for you. For specific change of major requirements, please refer to this document.

Amber Watson, Director of Academic Advising

Danielle Robert-Massey, Senior Advisor, Psychology, Linguistics

Cécile Braun-Jones, Behavioral Neuroscience, Psychology

Mark Bresnihan, Behavioral Neuroscience, Biology

Ann Grenell, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Marine Biology, Psychology

Nathan Richardson, Mathematics, Physics

Ryan Shreiber, Biology, Biochemistry , Cell & Molecular Biology, Chemistry

Loni Fink, Biology, Behavioral Neuroscience, Cell & Molecular Biology

David Dawson, Biology, Biochemistry , Cell & Molecular Biology