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A Bridge to Calculus and to a Better World

Bridge to Calculus prepares high school students to take AP calculus and other calculus courses, mainly through its signature program, an intensive six-week summer session on the Northeastern University campus.

The program also includes annual events, like Calculus Field Day, where teams of students come to Northeastern to participate in calculus and pre-calculus competitions, and support channels like the Math Question Center.

The success of Bridge to Calculus has been widely acknowledged by many, including former Boston mayor Marty Walsh and MA State Representative Jeffrey Sanchez.

About the program

Bridge to Calculus was founded by Northeastern professor Dr. Robert Case to empower children from Boston’s underserved communities to succeed in advanced math classes.

This program is built on the need to address racial and social justice issues as they affect Boston’s youth. What distinguishes this program from others is the collaboration between Boston Public School teachers, Northeastern faculty, undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni of the program—who all come together to craft and deliver the Bridge to Calculus.

Employers in our region, especially those with co-op positions, require coding skills and mathematical modeling, as well as strong mathematical skills. Students participating in Bridge to Calculus gain an imperative competitive edge that makes them imminently hirable. And because Bridge to Calculus works to strengthen the school system, the success of the program contributes to the greater success of Boston Public Schools.

Bridge to Calculus pushes for Boston students to receive a strong mathematics curriculum in their schools, focusing on expanding the capacity of the schools themselves. In fact, Boston high school teachers are the primary instructors, playing an integral role in all facets of the program, while Northeastern University faculty offer support and guidance.

Students who participate in Bridge to Calculus are positioned for college acceptance and prepared for college success through key partnerships and a network of undergraduate mentors.

  • We partner with the Bottom Line, a college preparatory counseling group focusing on low-income students and students whose parents did not attend college.
  • Mentoring is a crucial component — two or more mentors are assigned to each classroom.

Bridge to Calculus is a dedicated, long-term partner with the Boston Public Schools and has received support from many other donors, including the Nellie Mae Educational Foundation, the Cabot Foundation, and the Mathematical Association of America.

In the News

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Northeastern hosts Boston high school students for Calculus Field Day
The event is designed to challenge students’ knowledge in calculus, help them prepare for their AP Calculus tests in the spring, and nurture their passion for mathematics.
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Bridge to Calculus Math Question Center: Dan Arnon, Mentor

Bridge to Calculus Math Question Center: Dan Arnon, Mentor

Bridge to Calculus Math Question Center: Chiruza Muhimuzi, Mentee

Bridge to Calculus Math Question Center: Chiruza Muhimuzi, Mentee

Bridge to Calculus: Brenda Cassellius

Bridge to Calculus: Brenda Cassellius