Kiera Perryman poses for headshot

Emotions run high for first-generation students

‘Something I didn’t get to do.’ Emotions run high for first-generation students and families at Northeastern commencemen

Jamelle Texeria put his own college plans on hold with the birth of his daughter Kiera Perryman. He says that makes watching her walk across the stage as a first-generation college student graduating from Northeastern University extra emotional.

“Watching her walk across the stage and get the degree…” Texeria said, trying hard to fight back tears.

“The key word being ‘try,’” Texeria said. “I didn’t get a chance to finish.”

As graduates received their diplomas Sunday, they celebrated their hard work, sacrifice and dedication. Their families also put in hard work, sacrificed and dedicated themselves to a Northeastern education, and are rightly celebrating as well. One demographic is particularly emotional: families of first-generation students.

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Photo by Alyssa Stone/Northeastern University