College of Science New Faculty Welcome and Orientation

Aug 29th, 2022 • 09:00am

Raytheon Amphitheater, 240 Egan
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Monday, August 29, 2022
9 a.m.–3:00 p.m. (Breakfast available 8:30 a.m.)
Raytheon Amphitheater, 240 Egan 


9:00–9:55 Welcome and Introductions 

  • Oyinda Oyelaran, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs  
  • Introductions 
  • Hazel Sive, Ph.D., Dean, College of Science 

9:55–10:10 How do I teach well? 

  • Important COS-specific information (Brent Nelson, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs; Jared Auclair, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Professional Programs and Graduate Affairs) 

10:10–10:40 How will I be supported? 

  • Finances & Administration (Sam Inman, Associate Dean of Administration and Finance) 
  • Human Resources (Heather Seligman, Associate Director of Faculty Affairs and Human Resources Administration) 

10:40–11:10 How will I be mentored? 

  • Randall Hughes, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Equity 
  • Developing your mentor network (Diedra Wrighting, Ph.D., Executive Director, ADVANCE) 

11:10–11:20 Break 

11:20–11:35 How do I set up my research space? 

  • Safety certifications, space, equipment (Sarah Stanton, Associate Director for Space Planning & Safety) 

11:35–11:55 How do I raise funds? 

  • Overview (Vance Blankers, Ph.D., Associate Director for Research Development & Collaboration)  
  • Research Grants and Grants Administration (Nicole Magni, Associate Director, Pre-Award; Andrew Caldwell, Associate Director, Post-Award) 
  • Philanthropy (Kevin Thompson, Associate Dean of Development) 

11:55–12:25 How do I run an effective research group? 

  • Postdocs (Vance Blankers) 
  • PhD students (Jared Auclair) 
  • Undergraduates (Brent Nelson) 

12:25–12:30 Wrap up 

  • Oyinda Oyelaran 

12:30–1:30 Lunch 

1:30–3:00 NUSCI/HHMI Inclusive Teaching Workshop 

  • COS Facilitators from the Northeastern University Skills and Capacity for Inclusion (NU-SCI)

This interactive workshop includes strategies to inclusively broaden your teaching impact and contribute to increased STEM diversity. The long-term goal of the NU-SCI/HHMI Inclusive Excellence Program is to make our science classrooms more welcoming and to enhance student success, particularly historically marginalized students, through evidence-based teaching and mentoring strategies. Opportunities for continued learning will be available at our NU-SCI Teaching Circles, held monthly during the semester. NU-SCI is supported by an award from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI).


Aug 29th, 2022 • 09:00am

Raytheon Amphitheater, 240 Egan
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