COS Equity Dashboard

College of Science Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Justice Initiatives.

Last updated December 2021


The College of Science embraces a culture of respect, where each person feels valued for their contribution and is treated fairly. We embrace a culture where each person feels they belong, regardless of race, color, religion, religious creed, genetic information, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, veteran or disability status. We commit to be a College where members act with respect, trust, collaboration and communication, and where inappropriate behavior is reported and acted on without fear of retaliation.

We condemn racial violence and systemic injustice against Black people. We stand for anti-racist policies, equity, and justice within our College and across Northeastern University. We denounce the insidious disrespect of women that furthers gender inequity in science. We will work towards the following goals in support of these principles:

  1. Promote a culture of respect, support, and inclusion
  2. Enhance demographic representation and retention of faculty, staff, and students
  3. Engage our community in actions to promote equity and inclusion in the College. We have identified actions and milestones below that will allow us to evaluate our efforts and report back to the community. We emphasize that this is a dynamic and evolutionary process, and we invite your input and participation. We cannot rely on those individuals most impacted to fix the problem.

Equity and Respect Action Plan

Dean Hazel Sive entered the College of Science, June 2020. She has made equity, respect, and diversity key priorities. A new COS framework has been developed where a culture of respect and a commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion imbue all aspects of our College. An extensive set of actions and activities are in progress, with funding support as needed.

Create Associate Dean for Equity positionAD Randall Hughes hiredCompleted July 2020
Conduct COS Climate SurveySurvey distribution
Report of findings distributed
Completed Sept 2020
Completed Oct 2020
Create public dashboardDashboard on websiteCompleted Jan 2021
Develop Principles of CommunityPost on websiteCompleted Dec 2020
Condemn discrimination and harassmentDistribute existing policies
Promote reporting mechanisms
Statements in support of AAPI community
Started Nov 2020
Started Nov 2020
Started March 2021
Recognize and reward faculty and staffEstablishment of monthly COS Connects award program
Distribution of awards
Creation of new COS Mentoring and Research Awards
Completed Oct 2020
Started Nov 2020
Completed Dec 2021
Enhance College communicationHost regular Community Meetings
Distribute Weekly Update to faculty and staff
Distribute Connects Newsletter to faculty, staff, and students
Dean’s Office Hours for students
Online Idea Bank
COS Feedback Form
Started June 2020
Started Sept 2020
Started Oct 2020
Started Sept 2020
Started Jan 2021
Started Oct 2021
Increased focus on mental healthMental Health First Aid Training
Charge to College Council to address mental health
Graduate Student Panel on Mental Health
Started Sept 2020
Fall 2020
April 2021

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Diversify Dean’s Office leadershipIncrease in number of racial minorities in College leadership
Increase in number of women in College leadership
Started July 2020
Started June 2020
Support faculty impacted by Covid19Remote work policy
Tenure clock extensions
Covid19 impact statements in merit review
Extend start-up funds
Started March 2020
Started Sept 2020
Implemented Spring 2021
Completed Sept 2020
Prioritize equity in faculty hiringAdoption of new tenure-track faculty hiring procedures
Adoption of new non tenure track faculty hiring procedures
Completed Sept 2020; Updated Aug 2021
Completed July 2021
Implement INVEST hiring mechanismIncrease in number of racial minorities hired
Increase in number of women hired
Started Oct 2020; Ongoing
Started Oct 2020
Expand faculty mentoringNew mentoring resourcesStarted Sept 2021
Prioritize potential over credentialsIncrease in number of upskilled staffStarted Sept 2020
Focus on equity in hiringIncrease in number of racial minorities hiredStarted Sept 2020
Graduate Students
Create interdisciplinary PhD program (Connected PhD)Number of students applying and admitted in the programStarted Dec 2020
Scholarships to promote representationNumber of students supportedStarted Jan 2021
Eliminate the GRE requirementChange to application requirementsCompleted for 2021 entering class; Ongoing for future years
Enhance mentoring and networkingImplementation of new PhD Peer mentoring programStarted Sept 2021
Expanded advertising to reach marginalized populationsNumber of ads
Engagement with website
Started October 2020
Undergraduate Students
Ramp-Up Summer Programs for incoming first yearsNumber of students involvedStarted Chemistry July 2021
Expanded Summer Bridge Scholars Program for incoming students from under-represented groupsNumber of students involved
Academic year programming
Starting Fall 2021
Undergraduate Teaching Fellow ProgramNumber of students supported
Number of students served
Started Sept 2020
Create summer internship program (Connected Summer Research Program)Number and demographics of student researchersGoal: Summer 2022
Scholarships to promote representation (e.g., Advancing Women in Science Scholarship)Number of students supportedStarted Sept 2021
Enhance mechanisms for student inputMeetings with student groups
Student representation on
COS committees
Started Aug 2020
Started Oct 2020
Expand Undergraduate Research OpportunitiesNumber and demographics of students involvedOngoing
Promote diversity in departmental
Increase the percentage of racial minority speakers
Increase the percentage of
women speakers
Started Sept 2020
Started Sept 2020
Expand the College EDIJ Committee to include staff and studentsExpanded committee membershipCompleted Oct 2020
Develop initiatives to recognize excellence in marginalized groups (e.g., Black History Month Science Symposium, Notable Women in Science Event)Number of events
Participation at events
Started Feb 2021
Share information to promote equitySummarize current departmental initiatives
Create ways for sharing best practices
Started Oct 2020
Started Nov 2020
Support COS and NU organizations that promote equityHost regular meetings with organization representatives
Continue sponsorship for the Women of Color in the Academy conference
Started Aug 2020
Completed Oct 2020, March 2021
Workshops and programming to promote equityMental Health First Aid training for faculty and staff (with MES)
Racial Equity Habit Challenge
Micro-aggression training for faculty and staff
Academic Bulling Series
Completed Oct 2020
Completed Feb 2021
Completed March 2021
Planned March 2022
Organize cross-college events to recognize Heritage MonthsCreate cross-college planning committee
Organize events and programming for each
Heritage Month starting in Feb 2022
Completed Dec 2021

Departmental Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Initiatives

The COS departments also have important activities and initiatives that promote equity, diversity, and inclusion within the College of Science. We highlight a number of these below and emphasize that this list is not comprehensive.


  • Biology Preview Day: Aims to increase diversity and representation in the graduate program
  • NSF REU Program: Provides summer research experience for diverse undergraduate students from other institutions
  • NSF STARS Fellowships: Funds recruitment and retention of students from marginalized groups

Chemistry and Chemical Biology

  • Alliance for Diversity in Science and Engineering: Promotes the transition of community college students
    to STEM careers
  • HHMI / NU-SCI Program (with Biology): Provides faculty training and resources to enhance inclusive
    teaching and mentoring
  • Book Club: Promotes discussions and resource sharing in support of anti-racism, equity, and inclusion
    among faculty, staff, and students

Marine and Environmental Science

  • BEACHES workshop: Provides information and resources to first generation and marginalized students
    interested in graduate school
  • MES Peer Mentoring Program: Supports both graduate and undergraduate students with
    communication, community-building, and training by their peers
  • Anti-Racism Discussion Group: Promotes discussions and resource sharing in support of anti-racism,
    equity, and inclusion among faculty, staff, and students


  • Bridge to Calculus: Partners with Boston Public Schools to prepare students from historically underrepresented communities for college success in STEM
  • Association for Women in Mathematics: Organizes and supports women in math as a chapter of a
    national organization
  • MaTHEma: Provides peer mentoring for undergraduates in Mathematics


  • Women in Physics: Provides support and undergraduate research awards for women in Physics
  • Nanomedicine Academy of Minority Serving Institutions: Provides state-of-the-art knowledge to underserved minority populations through a collaborative model of graduate education
  • Quarknet: Provides science teachers with tools and skills in physics to bring to their classrooms


  • Training grants: Pursuing grants to enhance representation among undergraduate and graduate
  • Graduate seminar series: Focuses on speaker’s science and their experience with equity, diversity, and
  • Psychologists for Inclusion and Equity: Meets monthly to advance anti-racism, equity, and inclusion
    among faculty, staff, and students
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