We have a Plan! – 3.17.23

Dear College of Science Faculty and Staff, Way back, on October 21, 2022, I shared with you that we were launching a Strategic Planning process. I shared that our plan would address important contributions of the College of Science to the future of academic science and the future of Northeastern University, supporting the Northeastern academic plan. And I shared that it would be a plan from us all, with the opportunity for input from every College member. And now, WE HAVE A PLAN!

CONNECTIONS TO THE FUTURE'A Strategic Plan for the Northeastern University College of Science 2023-2028

Our Plan, CONNECTIONS to the Future was built through contributions from many hundreds of College of Science members, other colleagues and friends. We used an Idea Bank, Community Meetings, Town Halls and Focus Groups to gather ideas and feedback. Much of your valuable input is incorporated into the Plan, and more will be used in next steps. My most sincere thanks to every person involved, everyone should be very proud of what we have built.Yesterday all College members - undergraduates, graduate students, staff and faculty - were invited to read and comment on the Draft Plan. The opportunity will remain open until March 24, and the Plan will be published by the end of April. Our Plan includes this preamble.“Every medicine, every vaccine, every food, every energy source, every understanding of the environment, cells, disease, the mind, matter, and the cosmos, is driven by Science research. The ‘Good Power of Science’ is immeasurable, and its unlimited potential to promote a bright future is unequivocal. Creative, empowering Science education builds the next generation of professionals poised to contribute to research, medicine and almost every other top career. At all levels, Science serves society to build a healthy, equitable and sustainable future. From the springboard of present innovations, and an outstanding Northeastern College of Science, we plan our future as a diverse, respectful, strong community, that promotes collaboration in every sphere and the well-being of its members. We will build the exciting, important next phase of the College of Science as a weave of six Threads, each with multiple Goals, connecting across the College, other Northeastern Colleges, and our Global University, intertwined with and supporting ‘Northeastern Experience Unleashed’, the university academic plan, for the high impact, brilliant projection of Northeastern University. The Plan can be considered as lying 5,000 feet above ground, high enough for an inspiring perspective, and low enough to see where we are going. Our work is not done, for we make the commitment to implement every Goal, on the ground. And we emphasize that our Plan is living, and will evolve to incorporate unexpected, useful, and interesting ideas.” It’s truly exciting to build high impact CONNECTIONS to the Future of Science and to contribute to the stellar future of Northeastern University! Thank you for your contributions!