Listening 2.17.23

Dear College of Science Faculty and Staff, Let’s ask one another, and carefully listen to the answer: How is your week going?Let’s not be satisfied with a one-word answer: Good or Okay or BusyLet’s ask more: What’s been the best part? What’s been the biggest challenge?And if it seems right: How can I make your week better? Listening, and being heard, may be the things that count most towards belonging, and in our work to be “A Diverse College where Everyone Belongs”. I am eager to listen, please tell me what’s on your mind. On campus this week, an important cross-college Black History Month event featured a screening of The Inventor: The Story of Garret Morgan. Mr. Morgan was a brilliant entrepreneur, who in 1916, invented a precursor to the gas mask among other innovations. As a Black man, he encountered racism at every step. Beyond the movie, we listened to an insightful panel discussion featuring talented Northeastern students including Biology major, Erin Williams. Many thanks to Associate Dean Randall Hughes for co-organizing this event. This week we listened to news around a terrible shooting at Michigan State University, reminding us of that improving gun control remains aspirational and ineffective. We have heard that the health and environmental effects of chemicals released from a derailed train in Ohio are still being uncovered. Our Community Meeting yesterday gave some great opportunities for sharing and listening, thanks to all who attended, and you can find the slides here. President’s Day was designed mostly to give everyone a three-day weekend. Please enjoy it!