‘How is your Summer?’

There are some bad things happening. Severe heat, terrible fires, and floods.  Ongoing revelations about the shameful January 6 post-election events. Devastating fallout from rescinding abortion rights. Further racial violence. Harm and ominous threats to the LGBTQ+ community. COVID in its next wave, relentlessly continuing to impact so many lives. If you get sick, please rest plenty and take care until you are better.

I hope there are some fun and adventures in your summer. Quiet times, good books, delicious dinners, and lovely events. In my garden there is new drip irrigation for the herb garden, the plants huge and happy. I’m reading The Thursday Murder Club which is very funny, The Three Body Problem is next in line. And the final season of Vikings. Truly, I know so much more now about the 9th century. My daughter Simone is amazingly biking across the USA teaching STEM workshops en route.

Here in the College, we are completing our Annual Report AY21-22. The Theme is Excellence, and the Report communicates to a broad audience your outstanding contributions. We are gearing up to write our COS Strategic Plan, that will support the Northeastern academic plan. Your input will be cordially invited. Several faculty searches are in progress, thank you very much for your involvement. If you are teaching in Summer 2, thank you very much! And we are thrilled that many new staff members are joining the College! Thank you to everyone who has worked towards this extensive and exciting hiring!

Our next Monthly will be August 26. We'll go back to the Weekly on September 9.