Congratulations COS, on your Perseverance Award – 2.26.21
Letter from Dean Sive - February 26, 2021

Dear College of Science Faculty and Staff,

The Martian lander, Perseverance has a name fitting this past year. It was launched in the depths of the pandemic, July 2020 and made the long trek to Mars, arriving last week. The landing video is so exciting, and I especially like the end where you see the scientists celebrating in the JPL control room. They are women, men and people of varied races, a huge shift from the early uniform demographic of NASA personnel. It reminds us that our College of Science and Northeastern commitment is to bring in brilliant scientists, talented students and outstanding staff members who reflect the demographics of our society.

Perseverance means ‘continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties…’ It’s a good trait, requiring concentration and focus, that we have been practicing extensively this past year. In fact, we have been so committed to this path, that I hereby present everyone in the College with at least one Perseverance Award. These come only with my warmest congratulations and respect, but they are sincerely given.
Pick the Categories where you have persevered, add your own, and claim your Awards:

  • Being kind, calm and creative
  • Working productively at home
  • Working productively at home while parenting/caregiving/and more
  • Painstakingly re-opening your research program
  • Training researchers under social distancing guidelines
  • Writing huge numbers of grant applications
  • Administrating complex grant submissions
  • Monitoring challenging budgets
  • Figuring out how to teach with NUflex
  • Figuring out how to teach even better with NUflex
  • Teaching in person
  • Teaching lab classes in person
  • Advising hundreds of students remotely
  • Placing 95% of COS students in co-op positions
  • Devising friendly, remote office hours
  • Working together, online
  • Starting a new job in the COS, online
  • Finding fun online community activities
  • Powering through Zoom fatigue to see family and friends
  • Getting your COVID test regularly
  • Wearing your mask always
  • Wearing two masks for added protection
  • Social Distancing
  • Washing your hands five hundred times a day
  • Seeking help when you need it
  • Finding gratitude in every day

Congratulations to everyone!

Things are looking better. We are relieved that the cold has abated in Texas, and hope your friends or relatives there are okay. I hope you and your family are well. 17% of the US population has been partially vaccinated against COVID. There is clear data that the vaccines are exceptionally effective. The perseverance is paying off, and someday, not so far away, we will be able to celebrate in person.

Best regards,

dean signature

Hazel Sive PhD
Dean, College of Science
Northeastern University