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Meet new people, find a new hobby, and be a part of something on campus. Northeastern is home to almost 400 student organizations including everything from the arts to sports to student government. Here is just an example of the science and math based clubs on campus – take a minute to browse and find your people:

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Biology Club

For Biology and Biochemistry majors and interested non-majors, the Biology Club offers the opportunity for outings (mountain climbs, overnight camping, nature hikes, and canoe trips), movies, guest lectures, and other diverse activities which are defined by the interested students.

Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) National Biological Honor Society

TriBeta is an undergraduate-focused national honor society established in 1922 with more than 670 chapters and 200,000 biologists inducted across the United States and Puerto Rico. Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society strives to promote scholarship in the biological sciences, promotes the dissemination of biological knowledge, and encourages research.

Northeastern University Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

This organization serves as a platform for celebrating cultural diversity on campus and in the workplace, and as a community for members to network and connect with each other. SASE membership is open to all men and women professionals of all ethnic backgrounds.

Northeastern University Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (NUSAACS)

Help further the interest in science, with a focus in chemistry, throughout the greater Boston area.  Obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences. NUSAACS strives to instill a professional pride in the chemical sciences, and foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges facing the modern scientist.

Northeastern University Actuarial Club

Join this network on campus for undergraduate support and development of future job opportunities and connections. Contact

American Medical Student Association

NU AMSA offers students from all backgrounds a chance to join a community of pre-medical focused individuals like themselves. We provide helpful seminars and activities, invite speakers and collaborate with other organizations to help guide you through your journey, no matter what stage.
Student Stories
Northeastern University Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society

"Our purpose is to cultivate a close community where students who love chemistry can commune," says chemistry major Caroline Consoli. Here she shares her experience being a part of the Northeastern University Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society.

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