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Healthy aging: can we turn back time?

Northeastern researchers touched on that question this week in a series of talks that examined renewing tissue function, improving and restoring motor control, and the remarkable memory power of superagers.

‘Unicorn’ Shipworm could reveal clues about human medicine and bacterial infections

Northeastern research professor Daniel Distel and his colleagues have discovered a dark slithering creature four feet long that dwells in the foul mud of a remote lagoon in the Philippines. They say studying the giant shipworm could add to our understanding of how bacteria cause infections and, in turn, how we might adapt to tolerate—and even benefit from—them.

Meet the student commencement speaker, Pankhuri Singhal

Singhal attended the wrong orientation as an incoming freshman. No big deal. It just sparked her curiosity, inspired her to switch majors, and led to transformative research and co-op experiences. Next month, she’ll share the highlights of her journey when she delivers the student commencement address on May 5—the same day she turns 23.

Biochemistry Major Earns a Goldwater Award

Biochemistry sophomore Hannah Tam was awarded one of the 2017 Goldwater Scholarships. The 240 Goldwater Scholars were selected based on academic merit from a field of 1,286 natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering students nominated by the campus representatives from among 2,000 colleges and universities nationwide.