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Psychology Department Graduation Ceremony 2017

On May 4, 2017, a special department ceremony and reception was held for graduating Psychology majors (January, May or August 2017 completion) and their families. All Psychology graduates were recognized and congratulated and special awards were given. The following awards were given to some of our most outstanding students: ◆Co-op Excellence Award: Kyle Forgeron ◆Faculty Scholar […]
Amina Ly poses for portraits at Northeastern University

Research, co-ops grow student’s passion for environment into career focus

At Northeastern, Amina Ly has applied data analytics to pressing global challenges through research projects and co-op experiences. She recently received a prestigious Udall Scholarship, and is now abroad on a Dialogue of Civilizations program exploring the science and policy issues involved in climate change.
Palmer Station Antarctica, Icefish research, H. William Detrich

What the Antarctic silverfish can teach us about evolution

Though its ancestors were benthic, a Antarctic fish have adapted to live in the water column at neutral buoyancy. Professor Bill Detrich and colleagues explain the novel adaptation that have allowed this fish to survive.

Why are yawns contagious?

Don’t sleep on it: In this week’s installment of Why is That?, Jade Zee, assistant director of the behavioral neuroscience program, explores why yawns are so contagious.
Lisa Feldman Barrett

Rigorous science upends the mind-body myth

New research led by Northeastern’s Lisa Feldman Barrett reveals the system in the brain where basic feelings originate. The findings could help solve mysteries regarding the tight connection between mental and physical health, including the neurological drivers behind the opioid crisis. They could also revolutionize our understanding of how we make decisions, leading to more considered choices in areas ranging from the law to the economy.