Northeastern’s MS in Biotechnology is a Professional Master of Science (PSM) program, an innovative, non-thesis graduate degree. It combines advanced interdisciplinary training in biotechnology, biology, chemistry, and pharmaceutical sciences with the development of high-value business skills critical to success in today’s dynamic workplace.

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Biotechnology Degree and Certificate Programs

Taught by respected faculty of dedicated academics and seasoned industry professionals, the program combines rigorous interdisciplinary academics with practical hands-on lab work and real world, industrial co-op assignments through Northeastern’s signature experiential learning program.


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It can take forever for life-saving drugs to be approved. Meet the biotech researcher trying to speed it up.

Some countries take months or even years to approve drugs. Northeastern researcher Jared Auclair trains regulators around the world to help speed up this process.
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This tropical disease is second only to Malaria as a parasitic killer. So why haven’t you heard of it?

The deadly strain of leishmaniasis infects 300,000 people annually, causing 20,000 deaths, and is the second largest cause of parasitic death after malaria. For two Northeastern professors, Richard Wamai and…
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Northeastern’s Burlington campus expanding with new mixed-use research building

The three-story, 104,000 square-foot building will feature research labs, a meeting area for workshops, and a makerspace with a suite of high-tech equipment.
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