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Prof. Win Chai receives an NSF Career Award

Congratulations Prof. Chai on your 2017 NSF Career Award! In [his] years at Northeastern, Chai has helped – in collaboration with research groups at Harvard – provide techniques essential to understanding and driving future research in this field. These collaborative experiences were driven by resources provided by the College of Science, he says. “The College of […]
Kim Lewis & Brian Conlon

Which studies got the most media buzz in 2015?

"The number one story [that generated media buzz in 2015] according to Altmetric: "A new antibiotic kills pathogens without detectable resistance," [was] published in January [2015] in Nature."–ScienceInsider News Article by John Bohannon

That Takes Guts: Northeastern PhD Candidate Turns To Crowdsourcing for Data, Funds

"Philip Strandwitz wants you. Really. He also wants all of your friends, and probably your parents and relatives, too. Strandwitz, a PhD candidate for microbiology in Kim Lewis’s lab, the Antimicrobial Discovery Center, is taking a creative approach to big data that could be a model for the future of science." –Emily Ashbolt, Biomedical Physics, 2017 COS News article