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These bacteria may be the key to treating clinical depression

Scientists estimate that we share our bodies with 38 trillion organisms that play an integral part in keeping us healthy and making us who we are. They crawl across our skin, cling to our intestines, and generally call our bodies home. Now, a study led by researchers at Northeastern shows that there is a potential link between the bacteria that live in our gut and clinical depression.

Prof. Win Chai receives an NSF Career Award

Congratulations Prof. Chai on your 2017 NSF Career Award! In [his] years at Northeastern, Chai has helped – in collaboration with research groups at Harvard – provide techniques essential to understanding and driving future research in this field. These collaborative experiences were driven by resources provided by the College of Science, he says. “The College of […]
Kim Lewis & Brian Conlon

Which studies got the most media buzz in 2015?

"The number one story [that generated media buzz in 2015] according to Altmetric: "A new antibiotic kills pathogens without detectable resistance," [was] published in January [2015] in Nature."–ScienceInsider News Article by John Bohannon

That Takes Guts: Northeastern PhD Candidate Turns To Crowdsourcing for Data, Funds

"Philip Strandwitz wants you. Really. He also wants all of your friends, and probably your parents and relatives, too. Strandwitz, a PhD candidate for microbiology in Kim Lewis’s lab, the Antimicrobial Discovery Center, is taking a creative approach to big data that could be a model for the future of science." –Emily Ashbolt, Biomedical Physics, 2017 COS News article