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A voyage to the bottom of the sea in search of exploding rocks

When Northeastern student Harry Brodsky went 3,300 meters beneath the surface of the ocean in the deep-sea submarine Alvin, he wasn’t scared of the dark, he didn’t feel claustrophobic, but he was bummed that he couldn’t bring potato chips to snack on.

Co-op in Puerto Rico expands student’s interest in environmental health

Earlier this year, behavioral neuroscience major Alejandro Rovira returned home to his native Puerto Rico for a transformative co-op experience. He performed extensive hands-on research to understand environmental health factors that affect pregnant women and their infants after birth. The co-op reinforced his desire to pursue a career in the medical field.

Ten things to know about being on co-op at the world’s largest particle physics laboratory

Meet Katie Larkin, Jameson O’Reilly, and Preston Epps. Three fourth year students who spent the last six months living and working abroad at one of the world’s largest centers for scientific research – the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland, more commonly known as CERN.
Amina Ly poses for portraits at Northeastern University

Research, co-ops grow student’s passion for environment into career focus

At Northeastern, Amina Ly has applied data analytics to pressing global challenges through research projects and co-op experiences. She recently received a prestigious Udall Scholarship, and is now abroad on a Dialogue of Civilizations program exploring the science and policy issues involved in climate change.