Serge Pann

Serge Pann

Executive Director of NUCRET


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About Serge Pann

Dr. Serge Pann brings to NUCRET over 25 years of combined academic and industrial experience in areas of materials science, engineering, business administration, international collaboration, as well as entrepreneurial experience. He runs NUCRET day-to-day operations, plans and contributes to research, advises on the aspects of MOF catalyst technology development for advanced batteries, fuel cells and electrolyzer applications. He takes care of all administrative, financial, personnel, equipment, space planning, facilities, lab safety, IP protection, technology commercialization and transfer.
Since January 2019 Serge also serves as Associate Director for Northeastern University Site of the NSF IUCRC Center Planning Grant for the Center for Green Solid-State Electric Power Generation and Storage (CEPS).
Serge started his career at a large research/academic institution where he created and led his research group specializing in technology development and characterization of non-equilibrium metal alloys, powder metallic, ceramic and composite materials for structural and functional applications, such as ceramic doped high-temperature superconductors, plastically shapeable ceramic matrix composites, ceramic fuel cells, nanostructured super-magnets. As part of his group research he formalized phenomenological model of amorphous alloys strengthening via alloying. He also served as Director of the Overseas Operations for a multinational public corporation and as Director of its spin-out joint venture company developing and commercializing technology for lithium-ion batteries, ultra/super-capacitors, Ti-porous blocks to replace space shuttle honeycomb panels (ONR/DARPA), and super-strong/light Al-Sc metallic alloys and composite materials. Prior to Northeastern, Serge, for over 10 years, served as a Vice President of a Boston-based technology transfer/consulting/M&A company involved in publishing, conferences, specialized reports in the fields of materials science, renewable energy and (bio)defense.
Serge holds PhD degree in Solid State Physics, MS in Physical Metallurgy, and Diploma of Metallurgical Engineer. His additional background is in Business Administration and Computer Science.


Mailing Address:

102 HT (Hurtig Hall), Boston, MA 02115

Office Address:

317 EC (Egan Research Center), Boston, MA 02115
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This center aims to be at the frontier of science and technology of clean energy conversion and storage. Faculty include: Sanjeev Mukerjee and Serge Pann


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