Mohammad Khoshnevisan

Mohammad Khoshnevisan

Affiliated Research Professor


  • Quantum machine learning, Quantum mechanics, Quantum statistical mechanics in mathematical finance

About Mohammad Khoshnevisan

I am an Affiliated Research Professor at Northeastern University, Physics Department, Boston, USA. I have obtained my Ph.D. from the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, the University of Melbourne. I was formally invited as a visiting scholar by UC-Berkeley and Harvard University. I am a Ph. D examiner for Deakin University in Australia. I have been a reviewer for Advances in Space Research. I have received a Certificate of Achievement “for my contribution to the BISC-CIBI International joint workshop on soft computing for internet and bioinformatics from the World-Renowned Scientist and Inventor of Fuzzy Logic, late Professor Emeritus Lotfi A. Zadeh, University of California- Berkeley. I am a member of the American Physical Society, International Association of Quantitative Finance, and the European Physical Society.


Office Address:

111 DA (Dana Research Center), Boston, MA 02115

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