Honors in the Discipline

In the College of Science, outstanding students meeting the minimum GPA requirement of their major (typically above 3.5) enjoy the opportunity to engage in supervised original research in collaboration with a faculty research advisor during their junior or senior years.  Though the specific requirements for Honors in the Discipline vary depending on the student’s academic major, Honors students in the College of Science are typically required to complete a minimum of 8 SH of supervised, independent research. And, over the course of their research, successfully outline and defend a research proposal, conduct their research, and communicate the results in the form of either a thesis or a peer-reviewed publication.  In some programs students may also be required to make an oral presentation.  Students who successfully complete the requirements for Honors in the Discipline in their major will be graduated with the accolade:  “Honors in [Major]” on their Northeastern University transcript.

No prior honors program participation is required. All students who meet their major’s eligibility requirements are strongly encouraged to apply and participate in Honors in the Discipline.

Complete and submit this form and required paperwork in order to initiate the Honors in the Discipline process.