Northeastern’s Values

The College of Science embraces and upholds the University’s core values of:

Integrative Experiential Education

We combine experiential learning with curricula and programs designed to develop in our students the broad knowledge, intellectual creativity, and analytical skills that prepare them to be engaged global citizens and leaders, successful professionals, and self-directed lifelong learners. As thought leaders in integrated pedagogy, we embrace our position as best in the nation in cooperative education.

New Knowledge through Foundational and Translational Research

We produce cutting-edge research based on strong disciplinary foundations and interdisciplinary collaborations, facilitated by our innovative interdisciplinary research centers, organizational affiliates, industrial partners, and programs that promote use-inspired research designed to address society’s grand challenges.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We create an environment in which students, faculty, and alumni are empowered to develop entrepreneurial collaborations and innovative enterprises that advance knowledge and contribute meaningfully to society.

A Diverse and Inclusive Community

We are a multicultural community, situated in a dynamic urban setting, in which students develop the cultural competencies necessary to thrive in an interconnected world. Our educational programs foster civility and mutual respect by encouraging students to understand multiple, competing points of view.

A Global Perspective Grounded in Local Roots

We engage with the world through our global network of campuses, international cooperative education, and an extensive program of study-abroad courses taught by our faculty. These global encounters and cultural experiences widen our students’ perspectives, expand their vocabularies, and cultivate empathy, enabling them to meet emerging global challenges with confidence.