Charge, Process, and Members

The Strategic Planning Committee is charged to support and monitor the planning process in the following areas:

I. The Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee is established to develop and monitor the strategic planning process for the College. The composition of the membership includes:

  • The Chairs of the Departments
  • The Associate and Assistant Deans of the College
  • The Dean will serve as Chair of the Committee

II. Strategic Planning Process

The strategic planning process will include the following:

  • Development and oversight of all appropriate planning documents (Mission, Vision Statement, Values Statement, Strategic Plan, Implementation Plan, etc.)
  • A 5-year cycle for implementation of The Plan
  • A regularized annual cycle of implementation and assessment

III. Roles and Responsibilities

Committee members will be responsible for the following:

  • Understanding the components of an institutional strategic plan and developing those that are necessary (i.e., Vision, Mission, Values Statement, etc.).
  • Developing and supporting the objectives and goals of the institutional strategic plan.
  • Engaging identified stakeholder groups in the development of the objectives and goals for the institutional strategic plan, 
and providing feedback to those groups on a continuing basis.
  • Overseeing review of annual plans for progress.
  • Identifying or developing key indicators and assessment measures to document implementation of the Strategic Plan objectives and goals and reviewing those indicators and measures on an annual basis.
  • Actively participating in committee activities and discussions.

IV. Other Responsibilities

In addition to the roles and responsibilities outlined above, Committee members will also:

  • Promote and advocate for implementation of the institution’s Strategic Plan to all internal and external stakeholders.
  • Actively engage in disseminating information about the planning process, the Strategic Plan, and its implementation.
  • Be aware of strategic issues in the internal or external environment related to the institutional planning process and ensure that the Committee is informed.