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Undergraduate Research

Through research, College of Science students develop a practical expertise and intellectual passion for their chosen field.

Working with faculty or fellow students develops strong collegial relationships. Research allows students to contribute to their disciplines while still in school. Undergraduate researchers are better prepared for graduate school or professional employment because they have the skills and confidence to experiment. Research has taught them that experiments do not always work, but they always teach us something. Student researchers discover that asking questions leads to answers, and each answer leads to another question, another possibility, another opportunity. Undergraduate research allows students to dig deeply into the mysteries of their discipline and to discover themselves.

How it works

Students can conduct their own individual research projects, work with a faculty member, or be part of a group project.

Students can also look for research opportunities available at Northeastern’s many research centers.

How to find research opportunities

1. Review research opportunities with an advisor
2. Check with individual professors in areas of interest via email or in person to find out who might need assistance.
3. Check departmental websites. Many have information on research being pursued by their faculty.

Fellowships and student scholarships

Fellowships open up new worlds for successful applicants. Many of these awards will give you the opportunity to apply your talents at research centers, archives, universities, and non-profit organizations across the globe. You will refine your skills as you work to address issues of regional, national, and international importance. Your participation will also have a profoundly transformative effect on you. Many recipients describe a new sense of confidence and maturity they feel due to their experiences.

VIEWNortheastern’s Fellowships and Scholarships website.

Funding for student research

Financial compensation may come from work-study funding for part- or full-time positions, or grant funding for any position.
University-supported undergraduate research is through the Office of the Provost. The NU Research website offers research guides, funding opportunities, and the latest news in Northeastern research.

Undergraduate Student Relationship

Search previous undergraduate research projects to get a sense of the types of research that undergraduates have carried out with professors in your own and other departments.
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Provost Research Awards

Provost research awards are available to College of Science students. To apply, visit the undergraduate student research website.

Fellowship and Scholarship Information

As an undergraduate or graduate student, many things compete for your time and attention. However, you would be well served by considering your undergraduate experience with the same seriousness with which you think of your future career after graduation. A successful undergraduate experience consists of many parts, and applying for nationally competitive fellowships is an excellent way to build upon and expand your opportunities.