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BS in Psychology


The Bachelor of Science degree program in psychology is designed to provide a research-based undergraduate education for students with a broad range of interests in basic and applied psychology. Psychology majors engage in academic course work and other experiences that span the breadth of psychology, as well as in-depth explorations that meet their own specific interests. Students have many opportunities to take fundamental and advanced courses spanning biological psychology, cognition, social psychology, personality psychology, sensation and perception, clinical psychology, applied psychology, learning and motivation, developmental psychology, and other subfields of psychology. By its very nature, psychology is a wide-ranging, cross-cutting field of study, and we encourage and offer interdisciplinary explorations via a highly flexible interdisciplinary cluster of courses that counts toward the BS curriculum, strong ties to other departments and programs, and experiential education to enhance the learning process, including conducting research in faculty laboratories and participation in Northeastern’s signature co-op program.

John McKenna“The experiences I gained from being a psychology major at Northeastern University helped me to become a strong candidate for doctoral programs in clinical psychology. In addition to receiving multiple offers of admission to PsyD and PhD programs, I was also praised by interviewers for having such diverse co-op experiences. On one occasion an interviewer told me that, although she does not typically review applicants directly from undergrad, she decided to make an exception for me considering my strong background in research and community service. This faculty member offered me admission into the program and to be my advisor and mentor.” – John McKenna

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