Mentoring by Graduate Students

The PsyClub recently launched a Graduate Student Mentoring Program! Through this program, undergraduate students have the opportunity to pick the brains of graduate students who have already successfully navigated the graduate application process.

The program consists of six informal meetings throughout the fall semester in which undergraduate and graduate students hang out and discuss questions about applying to graduate school, such as “What do graduate schools look for in an applicant?” or “What is the difference between a PsyD and a PhD?” or “What do you put into a Statement of Purpose?” or even “Should you take a few years off before going to graduate school?” Each meeting focuses on a unique theme that guides the discussion. Students can attend all meetings or choose those which will benefit them most.

Undergraduate members of the program also have the option of being assigned a graduate student to serve as an individual mentor. Mentors act as personal guides who assist students throughout the application process. Mentors can help students develop curricula vitae (CVs), edit statements of purpose, and find research assistant positions to gain valuable research experience.

Interested students with questions about the program should contact Susan Latiff.