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PhD in Physics

    The Department of Physics offers a Doctor of Philosophy in Physics with concentrations in different subfields that reflect the forefront research activities of the department, including biological physics, condensed matter physics, elementary particle physics, nanomedicine and network science. The program for the PhD degree consists of the required coursework, a qualifying examination, a preliminary research seminar, the completion of a dissertation based upon original research performed by the student, and a dissertation defense upon completion of the dissertation. Based on these measures, students are expected to obtain a graduate-level understanding of basic physics concepts and demonstrate the ability to formulate a research plan, communicate orally a research plan, and conduct and present independent research.

    The PhD dissertation will be based on new and original research in one of the current theoretical or experimental research programs in the department, under direct supervision of an advisor from the Physics Department. Alternatively, the dissertation research can be in a recognized interdisciplinary field involving another research area of the University, under the direct supervision of a faculty member in that field. Another option is to work in an area of applied research in one of the industrial or high-technology laboratories associated with the department’s industrial PhD program. In that case, the direct supervisor is associated with the institution where the research is performed.

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