Tara Duffy

Tara Duffy


  • Aquaculture, Fish Biology, Toxicology

About Tara Duffy

Dr. Duffy is interested in how fish and other marine animals respond to pollutants at many scales – from genes to populations. Investigating molecular, individual, and population responses to pollutants will help us understand the ecological and evolutionary challenges faced by marine animals. She also has strong interests in all things aquaculture, having raised animals ranging from blue crabs to Atlantic sturgeon.

Dr. Duffy teaches course in marine sciences, oceanography, food security and sustainability, and science communication. Teaching students to effectively communicate science is her passion and is always a priority in her classroom. Prior to joining Northeastern University, she taught at Stony Brook University and the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium. She has a broad range of work and internship experiences that include the U.S. Geological Survey, The Safina Center, Hatfield Marine Science Center, and Scottish Association for Marine Science.

As a teaching professor, Dr. Duffy does not directly mentor graduate students in independent research projects. Please see information on the Three Seas Program if you are interested in obtaining a M.S. Marine Biology at Northeastern University.


Mailing Address:

14 HO (Holmes Hall), Boston, MA 02115


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