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Nancy Kim

Associate Professor

Mailing Address:

125 NI (Nightingale Hall), Boston, MA 02115


  • Causal Reasoning, Clinical Reasoning, Judgment and Decision Making

I am interested in causal reasoning, judgment, and decision making. My lab conducts use-inspired basic research and applied research at the intersection of cognitive science and clinical practice. From the perspective of cognitive science, our work addresses how causal and explanatory beliefs are mentally represented and organized, and how this representation affects basic cognitive processes such as categorization, memory, judgments, and decision-making. From the perspective of clinical science, we simultaneously examine how people’s prior knowledge, beliefs, and expectations influence the assessment and diagnosis of medical and mental illness, memory for patients’ symptoms and medical information, judgments of psychological abnormality, decisions about treatment, and stigmatization of patients. We examine these issues in students, lay people, patients, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and primary care providers.

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