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White Papers On COS Research Initiatives

Experience Science Northeastern 2015
First deadline 2/25/2011
Dear Faculty Colleagues,

For the next step in our College of Science strategic planning exercise, I am soliciting short “white papers” on research initiatives. These white papers will be seeds for open discussion of initiatives at brainstorming meetings planned February through April.

Our conversations have made me aware of several ideas under development, but new ideas are welcome. Please talk with your colleagues and submit well-focused proposals that are suitably specific (e.g. that could function as white papers for funding agencies).  [Note that proposals to broadly strengthen a department would be too broad for this exercise, and will be developed separately through the department chairs.] In accordance with the university’s long-range plan, interdisciplinary and/or translational research is encouraged, but these are not required elements.

Each white paper should explain the opportunity and approach in broad terms, and answer the key questions: Why is this important? Why is Northeastern the right place? How can we accomplish success, and what does it look like?  Strong proposals would include leveraging with undergraduate and graduate education and other NEU research strengths, and partnering  with other colleges and external institutions is strongly encouraged

White papers can be submitted to the Dean’s Office ( at anytime, but before February 25th if possible.
There is no formal structure, but five pages should provide enough detail.  The white papers will be made available internally on the web, but could also be made available by request (e-mail) to anyone who wishes.

The brainstorming sessions will be held on Fridays from 1-3 p.m. View full schedule here

These sessions are open to all (and not limited to the College of Science), but the white papers should be initiated by COS faculty.

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