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Where to Go and What to Know about Social Media and the Web

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Enough with Cats, Food and Celebrity News: Where to Go and What to Know about Social Media and the Web

This session will show social media users at any level how to leverage the latest new media tools to communicate with the world; research topics of interest; build relationships and be more efficient while doing so. Social tools can pave the way to smarter, more thoughtful interactions; valuable connections within professional and educational communities; and a better understanding of the world around you. Whether you use social media to boost your career, connect with audiences, or just remain informed, Jeff Cutler will show you some techniques and case studies to assist you in your online journey.

Specifically, you’ll find out what tools give you the most return for your time investment. You’ll see case studies of how companies have used, abused, failed and won using social media. And you’ll learn – most importantly – whether diving into social media is a good move for you personally and professionally.

Ultimately, this training session will show you where to go and what to know about the Web and all things social. And as a bonus, Jeff will provide you with a 10-minute tip that keeps you from getting lost in the morass of the social media rabbit hole.

Oh, there will be some cat, food and celebrity slides used during this presentation. (Jeff’s slides can be found here and here.)

About Jeff Cutler

Jeff Cutler is a freelance journalist, social media trainer and content specialist who speaks regularly on content marketing, the use of social tools for journalists and businesses, and the best ways to brand your product, service or self. While he curates and writes for more than a dozen blogs, Jeff has written for NPR, The NY Post, Technology Review, Mobile Magazine, Gatehouse Media and more.

Jeff is on the professional development committee of the Society of Professional Journalists and performs multiple training sessions for them each year. He’s also spoken at BlogWorld Expo, SXSW, various PodCamps, dozens of journalism conferences and content events. Jeff has keynoted the Cable Communicators of America annual conference and regularly appears on radio and television programs to provide insight into social media tools.

The most comprehensive way to see Jeff’s world is by going to and looking at his events calendar and writing. You can connect to Jeff via social media channels using the links at the top of his website.

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