Turning Vision into Action: Science Students Recognized for Entrepreneurial Endeavors

This spring the College of Science held the first COS Entrepreneurship Recognition Dinner to recognize undergraduate COS students who are promoting entrepreneurship in the College. The keynote speaker was Oran Muduroglu, entrepreneur and parent of a Northeastern student. 

Muduroglu is an innovator in healthcare technology with over 30 years of experience, having founded and successfully exited multiple startups. He has held significant leadership roles, including CEO positions at Medicalis and Stentor, and was a business line leader at Alphabet. He is the CEO of Coeus Health and chairman of the board for Caristo and Median Technologies, focusing on advancing healthcare through predictive AI and home care solutions. 

The support and contributions of Muduroglu and his wife Maryam have helped accelerate the Science Connects to Innovation Program, which empowers undergraduate science students to engage with Northeastern’s venture creation network, offering support for recognizing and pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities. 

“We are very excited about supporting the College of Science Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the most creative, empowering expression of a free mind, and central to Northeastern’s translational role in education of the sciences,” says Muduroglu. 

The following students were recognized at the event and reflected on the role entrepreneurship plays in their life and what they hope for in the future: 

Responses have been edited for brevity and clarity. 

Lyric Westlund, behavioral neuroscience ‘25 (inaugural recipient of the Science Connects to Innovation Scholarship) 

This recognition has been one of the defining moments of my career at Northeastern so far. At the beginning of the year, I found myself unsure of my co-op and feeling anxious about what the future holds. I ended up studying abroad, changing my major, and redirecting my aim towards entrepreneurship and innovation. Receiving the Science Connects to Innovation Scholarship was the first time I felt confident that I was doing the right thing in changing my path.  

This summer I am working at a startup out of Boston and Buffalo, NY to experience the world of entrepreneurship in action. I am incredibly excited and can’t wait to see where I end up next.  

Alexis Canzanese, psychology ‘25, minors in consulting and public health 

Being recognized by COS for my entrepreneurial aptitude was truly an honor, after nearly 13 months of developing the first COS Student Leadership Council (SLC) and successfully hosting four major events on campus. This inspired me to continue growing as an entrepreneur and leader, not only at Northeastern, but also in my professional life beyond the university. 

I foresee entrepreneurship being a core part of my future. My team and I will continue to develop the COS SLC throughout the summer and into the fall of 2024. After I graduate, I plan to use my leadership and entrepreneurial skills to launch my own startup – ideas are still in the making – and thrive in whichever field I pursue full time. 

Alexis Musaelyan-Blackmon, BS data science and biology, MS data science ’25 


This recognition is incredibly meaningful to me. It validates my dedication to driving positive change in the tech industry by leveraging technology for impactful solutions and it underscores the importance of innovation in entrepreneurship.  

Entrepreneurship is at the core of my future aspirations. I am committed to making a lasting impact through entrepreneurship by creating solutions that not only advance technology but also address critical societal needs. I see myself founding and leading tech startups that tackle pressing challenges in cybersecurity and public health like my current initiative, Exploro, which streamlines clinical research recruitment.

This recognition allows me to push boundaries and innovate, not only through startups but also creative endeavors. For me, innovation means creating, whether that involves publishing another book like Blossom or developing more secure solutions in cybersecurity. To innovate is to create, and I’m dedicated to discovering what’s possible in both realms.

Kyra Gregorio, behavioral neuroscience ‘26, minor in graphic and informational design 

Entrepreneurship has only been a part of my life for about a year now and there is still so much I am eager to explore. Being the first Entrepreneurship Co-op student at COS and inserting myself into an innovative and hardworking environment with unlimited support has expanded my knowledge greatly. I am endlessly thankful for the new connections I’ve made and the skills and information I get to apply to my personal endeavors.  

To me, the backbone of entrepreneurship is a combination of creativity, perseverance, and the desire to assist an existing problem. It is an opportunity to think outside the box and fabricate a contemporary solution with the help of extensive research, mentors and/or colleagues, and taking the occasional risk.  

Although I am not currently sure how entrepreneurship will fall into my future, I have a great passion for finding alternative methods of medicine for neurological disorders and mental illnesses. 


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