Roux researcher receives top award for work on sleep problems in children with autism

Bree Taylor, a research assistant professor in life sciences and medical science at Northeastern University’s Roux Institute, has always been fascinated by sleep.

More specifically, the intersection of sleep and behavior and mental health, specifically in the context of children with autism.

Taylor, an emerging researcher in the field of mental and behavioral health, was presented with the Harold Osher Award for Excellence in Clinical and Population Health at the annual Lambrew Research Retreat sponsored by the MaineHealth Research Institute on May 1st, 2024.  One hundred and thirty abstracts were submitted for the award, and after a blind panel review, Taylor’s abstract, “Sleep Problems in Children with Autism at the Time of Psychiatric Hospitalization in Relation to Parental Stress and Self-Efficacy,” was awarded first place in the category of clinical and population health research.

Taylor’s research focuses on the sleep problems experienced by children with autism and their impact on families, with a focus on children with profound autism who are more likely to suffer from sleep disorders.

“I think of sleep as the glue or lynchpin that keeps families functioning together,” Taylor says. “If kids aren’t sleeping, no one is sleeping. It affects so much more than we realize.”

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Photo provided by Bree Taylor

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