Recipients of the 2020 College of Science Excellence in Teaching Awards

The College of Science Excellence in Teaching Awards recognize and reward outstanding NU College of Science faculty for their significant contributions to student learning. We are pleased to announce this year’s winners.

Oyindasola (Oyinda) Oyelaran

Dr. Oyelaran Is a Teaching Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.  She joined Northeastern in 2011 and since then has taught more 35 sections of organic chemistry to hundreds of students from several majors.

Despite the difficulty of the material, Oyinda is overwhelmingly evaluated by students has highly effective, and is even described as inspirational and life-changing.  She is praised for her classroom engagement and out of class support and mentoring.

She is a leader in the practice of evidence-based teaching, which includes conducting and presenting her own research.  Oyinda demonstrates leadership as the Co-PI for a Research Experiences for Undergraduates grant from the National Science Foundation and for her service on University committees to facilitate the “One Faculty” initiative.

Prasanth George

Dr. George is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Mathematics.  He joined Northeastern in 2014 and in just the last three years has taught seven different classes, most of them multiple times.  His effectiveness in teaching difficult material to large numbers of students from several majors is truly remarkable.

The words students often use to describe Prasanth include, “best”, “favorite”, and “incredible.” In 2017 he received the College of Engineering Outstanding Teacher of First Year Students Award.

Prasanth has also been a leader in the overall management and delivery of the mathematics undergraduate curriculum serving as the Undergraduate Director, Assistant Undergraduate Advisor, Mathematics Tutoring Center Director, Trainer of Teaching Assistants, and member of the College of Science Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.


Chemistry and Chemical Biology