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Predicting natural disaster damage while on co-op

When a natural disaster hits, it’s nearly inevitable damage occurs. Sometimes it’s trees are knocked down and power is out. Other times flooding occurs and basements are damaged. And in the worst circumstances, houses and buildings collapse. But is there a way to predict the extent of damage natural disasters will cause?

That is precisely what Amina Ly is doing while on co-op with Guy Carpenter in Philadelphia, PA. Ly, an environmental science major, works wit the Catastrophe Modeling team.

“Here I’ve learned to use a variety of programs to predict the extent of damage caused by natural disasters,” she writes. “This information can then go to insurance agencies to make sure they’re adequately prepared to face future environmental catastrophes.”

When she’s not in the office Ly says she’s loved getting to know Philly. She’s tried out the local food and explored the historical city, all while living right in Center City.

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Downtown Philadelphia

Amina Ly is an environmental science major co-oping in and exploring Philadelphia.
Photo courtesy Amina Ly

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