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Physics undergrad given Provost’s Research Award

Congratulations to physics major Trithep Devakul, who was recently named a recipient of a 2013/14 Provost Undergraduate Research Award.

Trithep’s project on Resistive Switching, a little understood but simple memory device composed of a TiO2 insulator sandwiched between two metal electrodes. The device has possible applications in high-density information storage, as the 10-nanometer diameter conducting filaments can be simply switched between high and low resistance states.

He synthesizes these devices, measures their properties, and analyzes the results with a Schottky mechanism.

Trithep will present these results at the December Materials Research Society Meeting in Boston and travel to Denver for the American Physical Society March Meeting.

At the end of this month he will be traveling to the Brookhaven National Lab to perform synchrotron X-ray studies of these materials.

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