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Physics student on co-op at CERN

Nicholas Haubrich has been a busy man while on co-op. When he’s not working long hours on location, he’s traveling through Europe.

Haubrich, a physics major, is spending his co-op term at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Nicholas Haubrich in front of a 3-legged chair in front of the UN.

Nicholas Haubrich with a 3-legged chair in front of the UN. (courtesy photo)

He writes that he’s been working on multiple projects “from the hardware that physically interacts with particles to the track-finders that reconstruct the paths and speeds of muons.”

He adds, “I’m fascinated by how all of the individual systems come together to produce top-notch results.”

During his travels, Haubrich has been on weekend trips to Paris, Rome, Berlin, and other places.

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Nicholas Haubrich in the Swiss Alps

Nicholas Haubrich in the Swiss Alps. (courtesy photo)

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