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PhD Profile: Derion Reid, Chemistry

Derion Reid, Chemistry PhD candidate, sits down with the College of Science Graduate Program staff to talk about what it’s like to work and study at Northeastern University.

What kind of research are you working on right now?

Ras is a small GTPase that regulates cellular growth, survival, and differentiation. More than 20 percent of all human tumors are mediated by Ras mutations. My research aims to determine the structure of Ras oncogenic mutants using X-ray crystallography to further characterize the molecular mechanisms associated with specific cancers.

What do you like most about Northeastern?

My favorite part about being at Northeastern is the unlimited networking opportunities that are available here. During the year, the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology hosts a number of cutting-edge scientists from around the world through our colloquium series and I get exposure to both academic and industry approaches to scientific research.

Why did you choose Northeastern?

I was really interested in working with Dr. Carla Mattos. Her lab focuses on studying protein-protein interactions and functions, which aligns well with my interests.

What is your favorite part of Boston?

I enjoy exploring the culture of different neighborhoods around Boston, such as the North End, Coolidge Corner, and Quincy.

Are there any perks of being a Northeastern graduate student?

We have free admittance to the Museum of Fine Arts.

What advice would you give to an incoming graduate student?
My advice to incoming graduate students is to explore all of the opportunities you have here at Northeastern. Be sure to connect with your professors, they will be a great resource for collaborations.

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Derion Reid, Chemistry PhD Candidate

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