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NSF award for Focused Research Group in Algebraic Geometry.

The National Science Foundation has awarded the multi-institutional Focused Research Group grant “FRG: Collaborative Research: Moduli Spaces, Birational Geometry, and Stability Conditions” (August 1, 2017 to July 31, 2020) to Professor Emanuele Macri (Principal Investigator), together with co-PI’s at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Penn State University, and University of Utah. The topic of the project is to study moduli spaces of vector bundles on projective varieties by using Bridgeland stability conditions. The Focused Research Group will support young researchers at the various institutions to visit and collaborate with several senior researchers and to attend conferences and workshops on the topic. The investigators will also organize two large conferences and four workshops to help attract young talent to the area, including two events to be held at Northeastern. Further information can be found at the NSF website

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