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Northeastern, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute team up for cancer drug development

A team of researchers from Northeastern University and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute are working together on developing cancer drugs, and now have a joint program entitled, “USP-10 inhibitors for the treatment of FLT3 mutant AML.”

The goal of the program is to understand and develop small molecule drugs that target the deubiquitinating enzyme USP-10.

Dr. Sara Buhrlage and Dr. Ellen Weisberg from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute are working with Dr. Roxana Iacob at Northeastern.

The researchers believe this joint study will generate a great amount of structural information, especially related to how changes in the structure and flexibility of USP-10 are induced by the binding of ligands. This joint funding will enable this research team to obtain these details and subsequently perform structure-based design of novel USP-10 inhibitors.

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