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Neal Pearlmutter Named New Director Of Linguistics Program

Janet Randall has ably directed the Linguistics Program at Northeastern for over 20 years. Under her leadership the program has grown from fewer than 10 students to more than 60, and now includes combined majors with Psychology and with English. Not only has the size grown, but also the quality of the incoming and graduating students.

With much to be proud of, at the end of this semester, Janet will step out of her role as Program Director, and Neal Pearlmutter, Associate Professor of Psychology, will take over beginning in the fall semester.

Heather Littlefield, who has long been a key contributor to the program, will become the Deputy Director.

Please join me in thanking Janet for her long, dedicated service and wish her the best as she prepares to take a well-deserved sabbatical and to focus on her research. Also, please congratulate Neal and Heather on their new roles, and join me in wishing them, and the Linguistics Program, the best for the future.

J. Murray Gibson,
Dean, College of Science

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