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MS Profile: Hua Zhao

Hua Zhao, an MS in Applied Mathematics candidate, sits down with the College of Science Graduate Program staff to talk about what it’s like to study at Northeastern University.

Please tell us about your current experience on co-op.
I am currently doing a co-op as data analyst at Gryphon Networks. Basically what I do is processing clients’ business activity data they have been collecting for years and generating results per client’s request.

What is your favorite part about Northeastern?
Northeastern university has the unique location of being in the center of a vibrant and exciting city. The location of Northeastern provides student with many opportunities for shopping, dining, sight-seeing and night-life. And more importantly, the first-class academic program offered here and urban location will boost your career even further!

Why did you choose to attend Northeastern?
Northeastern’s best attribute is the co-op program in my opinion even though the academic program here is stellar. The semesters I spent in industry outside the school really gave me a unique perspective that no other several year academic program offer!

What is your favorite part about Boston?
Hahaha, I love lobster!

Boston is like a town of colleges, and you can even smell academic in the air. City of history, good academic environment and many job opportunities, I think these are what brought me here! I would love here more if the house price here is not that high…

By the way, I am a Celtics fan!

Are there any perks/advantages of being a Northeastern graduate student?
Northeastern teaches most practical knowledges and skills, which will make student competitive when starting a career. And the exclusive co-op program really helps students quickly get involved in their new working environment.

What advice would you give to an incoming graduate student?
I don’t know if my advice will work for student in other major. For student planning do math major, my advice will be taking every course serious, the content you learn from class will be utilized in your future career.

What are your plans after degree completion?
Honestly speaking, I am not an academic guy so I am not planning to pursue a higher degree, I am looking for a full time job after graduate instead. Being a professional doesn’t mean end of learning but a new start of learning. And I am always ready to learn something new from new people and new environment to make myself competitive!

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