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Departmental graduation party is a hit!

On Thursday night, the Marine and Environmental Sciences department celebrated the accomplishments of its 2015/2016 graduating class. The event started out with a request for students to reflect on things they could have done or should have done to make their college career at Northeastern a little easier. The “if I knew then what I know now” phrase comes to mind. Postcards were distributed to each table on which seniors could write a piece of advice to give to new underclassmen. Victuals and libations were then enjoyed by all.

Later in the evening, we acknowledged students who worked for the department as office assistants, tutors, and van drivers. GPA awards were then presented to this year’s winners. These awards go to those students who earned the highest GPA in their major. Congratulations to Erin Bucci (Environmental Science major), Catherine Aust (Environmental Studies major), Jeanne Bloomberg (Marine Biology major), and Allison Smith (Combined major).

Photo by Jasper Walquist

Across the group of students who attended this event, 50 Co-ops were completed, 25 International Study experiences were finished, and 15 minors were represented. Not only that, all of the students present performed at or above a 2.9 GPA. At the end of the event, Associate Professor Malcolm Hill took the time to elaborate on many of their individual accomplishments and to reminisce about times spent in and out of the classroom. In addition to Prof.Hill, faculty at the event included Geoff Trussell, Mark Patterson, Brian Helmuth, Dan Douglass, Marty Ross, and Dick Bailey. We were also very happy to see Academic Advisor Ann Grenell and Co-op Coordinator Sarah Klionsky in attendance. Thank you to everyone who came to make this event such a success!

More photos from the event can be viewed at our MES Facebook page.

Photo by Jasper Walquist

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