Congratulations 2025 Tier 1 Award Winners!

Congratulations to the FY25 TIER 1 Award Recipients 

This year, 25 cross-disciplinary teams have been chosen for highly competitive Tier 1 Awards, with 11 of these teams involving faculty from the College of Science. 

TIER 1 Seed Grant/Proof of Concept Program awards are supported by the colleges, institutes, global campuses, and the Senior Vice Provost for Research. This program makes grants of up to $50,000 to support and encourage individual faculty members to form multidisciplinary teams to develop new and innovative research directions.  

We’re immensely proud of the dedication of our faculty, staff, and students to collaborative, cross-disciplinary research efforts. 

Machine Learning-Driven Optimization in the Synthesis of Sustainable Polymeric Foams
Diego Alzate-Sanchez (Chemistry), Miguel Fuentes-Cabrera (Computer Science) 

A New Mathematical Paradigm for Integrating Stochastic Dynamic Modeling and Decision-Making under Uncertainty
Xuwen Zhu (Mathematics), Tong Ma (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Shahin Shahrampour (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)  

Mentored Award: Nanoparticle functionalized bioactive peptide for the resolution of inflammation
Emeka Okeke (Biology), Mansoor Amiji (Pharmaceutical Sciences/Chemical Engineering) 

Mentored Award: Clarity in Complexity: AI-Human Teaming for Uncertainty Visualization of Multiple Forecasts
Lace Padilla (Computer Science, Psychology), Dakuo Wang (Art+Design, Computer Science) 

Disentangling land and ocean signatures on greenhouse gas concentrations in coastal environments
Cristina Schultz (Marine and Environmental Sciences, Civil and Environmental Engineering), James Dennedy-Frank (Marine and Environmental Sciences), Khaled Ghannam (Civil and Environmental Engineering) 

Socio-technical Considerations and Implications of Critical Mineral Extraction from Mining Waste
Damilola Daramola (Chemical Engineering, Chemistry), Laura Kuhl (SPPUA, International Affairs) 

The shape of a university: exploring the collaborative networks of research universities
Dakota Murray (Network Science Institute), Alina Lungeanu (Communication Studies, Management and Organization Development)  

QD-liposomes for real-time, whole animal particle tracking
Needa Brown (Physics), Allison Dennis (Chemical Engineering) 

AI-Enhanced Vision-Based Privacy-Preserving Infant Sleep Safety Monitoring
Briana Taylor (Roux), Xiaolin Xu (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Michael Wan (IEAI), Sarah Ostadabbas (Electrical and Computer Engineering) 

Advancing social media measurement to predict adolescent mental health
Alexandra Rodman (Psychology), Varun Mishra (Computer Science, Health Sciences) 

Green Finance for Arctic Futures: Innovating for Sustainability and Indigenous Empowerment
Sara Constantino (Psychology, SPPUA), Mikhail Oet (CPS), Moira Zellner (SPPUA), Youngbok Ryu (CPS) 

Photo by Alyssa Stone/Northeastern University